Pétition : Génocide Amérindien dans les pensionnats


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Le CREFOM : un instrument braqué contre les outre-mer ? – Bondamanjak Bondamanjak

Il est permis de s’interroger, de se demander si le Conseil Représentatif des Français d’Outre-Mer, une organisation supposée valoriser et défendre les intérêts des originaires d’Outre-mer, est vraiment en phase avec cette ambition.

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Aidons Mr Bemgba Akaayar. Please help Mr Bemgba Akaayar! Por favor ayuda señor Bemgba Akaayar!

Man With Massive Lump On His Back Needs Help- Bemgba Akaayar

Mr. Bemgba Akaayar is a 46 years old peasant farmer who hails from Tombo-Mbalagh, Mbaboor in Binev Council Ward of Buruku Local Government Area of Benue State. He is a diabetic patient who has not even been on drugs for lack of funds. Some ten years ago, he started experiencing an itch between his shoulders, on his back which soon developed into a boil, and as a peasant all he could do was administer local herbs on it, all to no avail.

The boil eventually degenerated into a large tumor-like hump on poor Mr. Akaayar’s back with attendant inflammation and laceration on the head of the hump. His family members, who are themselves peasants as well, watched the victim of this strange ailment helplessly without any financial capability to do anything about his condition, until a kind-hearted woman brought him to Federal Medical Centre, Makurdi sometime in April 2014 to seek medical attention for the ailment for the first time. But there too lack of finances was a stumbling block.

According to medical authorities, the sum of N15,000.00 (fifteen thousand naira) will be required for admission deposit at the Benue State University Teaching Hospital (BSUTH), while N35, 000.00 (thirty five thousand naira) will be needed to conduct a CT Scan on the growth, preparatory to surgery, the cost of which is yet to be determined as well as cost of drugs for the victim.

Donations are therefore, needed from kind-hearted Nigerians to help facilitate a medical solution to the plight of this helpless peasant farmer who has carried the burden of this strange ailment for over ten years now.

For further details and enquiries, please call- 08037858205

Cet homme de 46 ans n’a jamais pu se soigner de son diabète, faute d’argent.

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Pere REGIMBALD parle des Illuminatis

Les archives: Le pere regimbald partie 1

1983 – Pere REGIMBALD – 1/14″ sur YouTube

1983 – Pere REGIMBALD – 2/14″ sur YouTube

1983 – Pere REGIMBALD – 3/14″ sur YouTube

1983 – Pere REGIMBALD – 4/14″ sur YouTube

1983 – Pere REGIMBALD – 5/14″ sur YouTube

1983 – Pere REGIMBALD – 6/14″ sur YouTube

1983 – Pere REGIMBALD – 7/14″ sur YouTube

1983 – Pere REGIMBALD – 8/14″ sur YouTube

1983 – Pere REGIMBALD – 9/14

1983 – Pere REGIMBALD – 10/14

1983 – Pere REGIMBALD – 11/14

1983 – Pere REGIMBALD – 12/14

1983 – Pere REGIMBALD – 13/14

1983 – Pere REGIMBALD – 14/14

Père Regimbal – Emprise Illuminati et moyens pour sortir de leur système (1983)

Le père Régimbald contre les Illuminati

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Le chômage tue 14 000 Français par an – Le Point

L’étude est passée presque inaperçue. Il est vrai qu’elle est tombée au moment de la vague d’attentats sur Paris. Publiée dans la grande revue d’épidémiologie, International Archives of Occupational and Environmental Health (1), elle révèle que le chômage tue chaque année en France 14 000 personnes. Soit presque deux fois plus que les accidents de la route. Un chiffre effrayant et totalement inédit.

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